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Smoke Alarms Beeping

It's really important to realise why you may find smoke alarms beeping. If you have a smoke alarm that won't quit chirping or beeping, you need to address the issue immediately.

You are probably looking for a solution because the noise is driving you, your family, and even your pets crazy.

However, the irritation is actually the least of your problems. The reason for having a smoke alarm installed is to alert you in case of fire. When your smoke alarm won't stop beeping, you become accustomed to it making noise.

Even though the alarm is typically much louder, you or your family members may fail to instantly recognize it as a warning. Even worse, if it is beeping, there is something wrong.


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When the condition of your alarm system is compromised, you don't know it will sound at all in case of a fire. That is simply too big of risk to take.

The first thing you should do to avoid smoke alarms beeping is change the batteries. Most will beep or chirp when they detect a low battery, so keeping them changed regularly will eliminate most beeping alarms before they even start to beep.

If your smoke alarm is already beeping, try replacing the batteries before you go any further with trouble-shooting.

Although your device is likely hard-wired (powered by home electricity supply rather than batteries) it should still have a backup battery in case of power outage.

Home fires are not uncommon during a power outage due to decreased visibility impairing common safety measures, as well as the common practice of using candles, oil lamps, or other hazardous forms of illumination.

If changing the batteries fails to stop your smoke alarm from beeping, try resetting it, in case the low battery signal did not clear when batteries were changed.

Push the test button and hold down for a few seconds - usually you will hear a chirp-like sound indicating it is reset.  In some models you may need to push the button twice quickly, rather than holding it down. Refer to your smoke alarm owners manual for further instruction.

These simple steps will stop the vast majority of beeping smoke alarms, however there are additional steps you can take to stop a beeping alarm, and should take, to prevent a beeping alarm.

Accumulated household dust, spider webs, insects, and other debris may course electronic components to overheat or malfunction. Your smoke alarms require regular cleaning to maintain the best function and prevent failures.

You can use any vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, such as a canister vacuum to clean the majority of accumulated debris. For small areas, and a more thorough cleaning in general you should use air pressure.

Tiny blower-vacuums, or cans of compressed air, designed for precision electronics cleaning are ideal. Never use these products on a smoke alarm, or any other electronic device, before vacuuming.

If there is a large quantity of dust, the air pressure may force it farther inside the electronic components. These products are best used for dislodging stubborn dust which remains once vacuuming has been completed.

Temperature inside your home may be a contributing factor, as many smoke alarms beep if they are exposed to temperatures above or below a specific range. If your home is especially hot or cold, try adjusting the thermostat.  

If properly cleaned, maintained, and supplied with batteries, your alarm should not beep at all. If it continues after taking the above steps, here are a few additional things to check on.

If you replaced batteries, there is a possibility that the new ones were bad. They can weaken, even if never used, when in storage for an extended period of time, especially if exposed to extreme temperatures. 

If your alarm system is hard-wired, ensure it is receiving enough electricity.  A substandard wire, incorrect instillation, or deterioration of wiring may cause insufficient power to your smoke detector.

If you have tired every option available to avoid smoke alarms beeping but they still do, the best option may be to simply replace it. A brand new smoke alarm should function exactly as expected, and with regular cleaning and good care, they should last for years with no beeps.

If you decide to purchase a brand new smoke alarm, and it still won't stop beeping you have electrical or environmental problem. In this case call an electrician immediately.

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